Video of Prophet T.B Joshua Meeting with Lucifer (SHOCKING)


Here is a SHOCKING video of Prophet T.B Joshua meeting with Lucifer and some men of the underworld from EmmanuelTV.

Members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) received a trilling revelation from Prophet TB Joshua as he unveils his meeting with men of the underworld in a 67mins video clip recorded live from the church located in Lagos.

During the commencement of the Video, TB Joshua disclosed that there are God’s Generals and there are Generals from the other side.

Prophet T.B Joshua then disclosed that the members of the church should not be scared of the ‘other generals’ as the only thing they could do was to take the ‘giant digital light’ of the church and that they can’t take his life or his voice.

As seen in the service, immediately, the light inside the church went off and the prophet laughed that he knew they that would happen.

The light in the church gradually came back on and the prophet unveiled a man who allegedly introduced himself as Professor Chukwudi Okakpu.

Professor Chukwudi alleged that he can appear and vanish into any part of the world and that he has allegedly endorsed many ‘anti-Christ’s all across the globe.

Watch this Video Clip below:

Yes, that happened in SCOAN and the man also unveils some of his raiment alongside his occultic garments in the video.

Irrespective of the many opposition T.B. Joshua faced in Lagos, the church attendance kept multiplying as people rush to have a touch from the prophet.

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