Nigeria Missing Budget 2016 Documents: A Tale of imprudence


The case of Nigeria missing budget document continues to be a tale of foolishness on the part of the National Assembly and Nigerian Lawmakers.

In my entire search as a student of History, I’m yet to hear of a nation’s budget that was either stolen of vanishes into thin air.

Here is a brief rundown of the so called tale:

The Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari submitted copies of the soft and hard copy documents of the 2016 national budget to the National Assembly on the 22nd of December 2015 as we get set for a memorable year 2016.

Barely 2weeks after that, Senate Leader, Ali Ndume disclosed to the house that the said document submitted was ‘supernaturally stolen’ from their custody.

The question now remains; who stole the budget? Some are pointing accusing fingers at the House of Assembly, while others believe the culprits to be Federal Government.

Some are also of the opinion that the Presidency secretly withdraws the document to make amendments in which many in favour of the president declare as false.

The Presidency actually has the right to withdraw the budget for amendments which they didn’t; so, where is the Nation’s national budget?

Is the Nigerian Presidency and the Lawmakers trying to play on our intelligence or take the nation at large for a fool?

As ironic as it sounds, this is a big slap on our nation – Nigeria and a pointy finger of corruption at its peak!

Where in the Universe name is Nigeria Missing Budget document? A pure ridicule and disgrace on our sovereignty and integrity as a nation!

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